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My choice

When I decided to go back to school after a few years of travelling and working I had a hard time choosing between studying economics and behavioural science. In order to be able to make a proper positive/negative list of my two options I went through several program descriptions from different universities in Sweden. I thought that it would help make my decision easier. It didn’t. Instead I found that I actually wanted to study both economics and behavioural science, so when a friend of mine told me about the programme in Business Administration and Sociology at CBS the decision was quite easy. Honestly, I had no idea what CBS was at that time and only realised once I started studying here that “Oh, this actually seems to be a pretty good school!”. I really enjoy the international atmosphere here and the language skills I’ve gained from studying in English have almost been equally rewarding as the education itself.

I did not know a single person in Copenhagen, or in Denmark for that matter, before I started at CBS. Luckily it is the best environment for meeting new people, both through your study programme but also through the different student organisations, international student programmes (ISA) etc. It is not easy coming to a new place where you don’t know anyone, but many many many other students will be in the exact same situation and might just be looking for a friend like you!

My programme

The BSc. Soc. programme is a combination between business studies and sociology. It teaches you the underlying dynamics behind human interaction and how this affects how organisations, institutions and countries are formed. I believe that it is hard to understand how businesses works without understanding the historical and social environment in which the business operates. And that is what you learn to analyse in our programme. It is a mix of organisational studies, managerial economics, social theory, method courses (statistics, philosophy of science etc.), economic sociology etc. which I think creates a good balance and overall understanding of how society works. The programme has a clear interdisciplinary focus and you will generally have exams in 2-4 courses at the same time to ensure that you gain a more holistic view of the courses. Pretty much all exams are a mix between written home assignments, project work and oral exams, so far I have had no “sit in” written exams. I found the interdisciplinary part and the exam structure really challenging at first but once you get used to it I think it’s a great way to learn and it really forces you to reflect on how business and society actually fits together.

The BSc Soc classes are generally quite small (around 60 students) which I think is really nice. It creates a closer connection between the students and the professors and allows for student discussions and group work during the lectures which isn’t always possible in bigger classes.

One thing that I think is important to mention here is that even though the programme consists of some Business Administration courses such as Managerial Economics 1 and 2 and Business Accounting the main focus is very much on the Sociology courses and connection between businesses and society. If you are more interested in pure business subjects then maybe consider one of the other programmes here at CBS. However, on your 5th semester you are free to choose all 4 semester courses yourself and can thereby shape the programme a bit more.

My advice

Remember that you are not your grades. Defining yourself with a number on a paper is not going to be good for you in the long run. The grade you get is only a measure of how well you understood the purpose and content of a certain course and NOT a measure of your personality, social skills, ambition, experiences and everything else that matters in life.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and classmates for help! Student life is not a competition and by helping each other and sharing knowledge you will get way more out of your studies.

Come and work out with us at CBS Mercury (or join any other student organization for that matter!). It is a great way to meet people from other programmes at CBS and will make your studies way more fun and rewarding.