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  • Being new in Denmark
  • The study environment at CBS
  • Time management and workload
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My choice

Deciding on a study programme can be difficult. I considered a wide range of study programmes before I decided on IBP.

When I finished primary school, I thought I was going to be a journalist. So in upper secondary I chose the direction with a focus on social science. During my second year, I thought I wanted to study building engineering, so I raised Mathematics to A-level and Physiques to B-level. During my gap year, I realised after long considerations that I wanted to study Danish. After, I finished two semesters at Copenhagen University where I studied Danish, I decided that it was not the right study programme for me. I missed the mathematic and the political aspect. I had never considered that CBS would have a study programme that would be for me. But at the age of 21, I looked for the first time at the study programmes that CBS offered. “International Business and Politics” caught my attention as it combines the international political world with the mathematical aspect. A year has now passed and I am finally certain on the fact that I chose the right study programme. So sometimes you have to take the wrong choices before you know what the right choices are. And that is okay.

My programme

The thing that surprised me the most at IBP is how important and comprehensive the social aspect is. If you want, it is possible to participate in several social activities throughout a semester, which is for all the students at IBP. This is due to the student organization, IBP Union, which is run by engaged IBP students. IBP Union includes IBP Social and IBP Academic, where it is possible to become a member. There is arranged everything from a Gala, Christmas dinner and Quiz-nights to CV-workshops and Company visits.

It can be tough and difficult to have time to combine all your interests with the demanding study. For me, it has been important to find a good balance between studying, being a member of IBP Social and CBS Sport, working and spending time with friends and family. This balance is essential for maintaining my motivation and interest for the demanding study.

My advice

Do not choose a study programme just because you can or because it is expected of you. Choose a study programme that you find exciting and interesting. A study programme where you want to learn and acquire new knowledge about the topic.

Engage yourself! There exists so many organizations you can be part of, or events you can attend at CBS and at your study programme. Life at CBS will be so much more fun.

Use your fellow students. The academic can be both challenging and comprehensive, but it is easier to get through it if you help each other and for example create study groups.