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My choice

My choice of education was probably not the most thought trough decision of my life, I sort of took a chance. I know that I find most things interesting so I deliberately chose not to look at many different educations since that would just have confused me.

I knew that I wanted to study something related to politics, preferably with an international angle, so International Business and Politics seemed very relevant to me. On the site of the education on CBS.dk they list possible future careers, and that really did the trick for me.

I meant a lot to me to study at CBS. The school has a good reputation internationally, which is an advantage if you want to work outside of Denmark at some point.

With regard to the social aspect, I had prepared myself for meeting many new and different people, to be open and engaged, and that was very helpful. Besides being really exiting, it is also very demanding to experience so many new things at once.

I do not think that I have ever been seriously in doubt about my choice of education, but I have not spend much time considering it. I believe I would know if I was truly in doubt, and if not, then there is no reason to worry about it.

My programme

I have been very happy studying IBP this last year, even though many things has surprised me. Most of all, I really like to learn, and I believe that is very important when you have to get through courses which do not seem interesting, nor relevant – and those courses will always be there, no matter which education you choose.

I chose IBP because of the politics and it has surprised me greatly how much business we actually have. That can be tough if you are not used to those kind of courses, especially the ‘math-heavy’ ones like Micro- and Macro Economics – a useful tip, refresh your math skills! I wish I would have done that…

You definitely get challenged at IBP. If it is not the business courses or the math, it might be meeting so many different people who have entirely different backgrounds and opinions. But that is really one of the aspects that makes this programme so interesting and educational – not just academically, but also on a human level.

I found it very freeing and reassuring to suddenly be studying with so many other dedicated young people, which I have sometimes been missing earlier. I have definitely been struggling with not being the best in the class or getting straight A’s anymore, but on the other hand, there is always someone who can relate or someone who will study extra hard with you before the next exam, and that means the world.

My advice

Choice of education: consider it thoroughly before you apply, but also be aware of the fact that you cannot know if you made the right educational choice until you are there. There is no shame in choosing the wrong education, but on the other hand, it is not very fun to have to say goodbye to your friends and start over.

The social aspect: even though it is scary and demanding, do your best to be open and inviting to people. Friends are a big help at university! Without mine, I would not show up to half of my lectures or know when I had exams.

When it gets tough: do not give up – right away, at least. There will be times where it is difficult and exhausting and not very fun, but that is how (study)life is sometimes. As long as it gets fun and interesting again at some point.

Refresh your skills before study start: Personally, I would recommend refreshing your math skills in one way or another, if it has been a while since you used it. It can also be a challenge to suddenly study in English, so it might be a good idea to be prepared for that as well.

Take it easy: it can be very tempting to join all the CBS societies, participate in all the debates and start looking for the perfect study job right way, but take it chill and relax. You are doing yourself a huge favor if you take the time to sort out the academic life and yourself, before you go crazy with all the other stuff.